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Secondary I



STEP 1:  Please complete the Online Application Form (available by the end of August);

STEP 2:  Mail or drop off the following documents to Loyola High School no later than October 13, 2017:

    • Applicant photo (wallet-sized preferred);
    • $50 registration fee (cash or cheque payable to Loyola High School);
    • Applicant’s Grade 5 June Report Card;
    • Photocopies of applicant’s Birth Certificate and English Eligibility Certificate (originals are not needed at this time).

STEP 3:  Once the first two steps have been completed and the documents received:

    • The applicant will automatically be registered for the Entrance Exam and you will be contacted to arrange an interview:
      • The interview lasts about fifteen minutes and is with the applicant only. Interviews will be scheduled on dates prior to and after the Entrance Exam to ensure that everyone is interviewed. The sooner the above documents are returned to us, the more choice you will have in terms of available interview dates and times.

STEP 4:  Mail or drop off the following ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS no later than October 30, 2017. Please do not hold onto the documents listed in Step 2 while you wait for the documents listed below:

    • IMPORTANT: Religious Participation Form – please download and print. This form MUST be completed and returned for all applicants. If you are unable to have page 2 of the form completed, please, at least, fill in page 1.
    • Confidential Recommendation Form (English and French) – please download and print.  One or both of these should be delivered to your son’s teacher or principal who should mail them directly to the Admissions Office at Loyola. PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that most public schools will not complete this form. We understand the situation and this will not be detrimental to your son’s file.
    • Letters of Recommendation from friends, coaches, etc. may be submitted as well.

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