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Secondary III-V - Admissions Process


  • Spaces may or may not become available at these levels. Openings in Secondary IV & V are particularly rare.
  • Loyola High School will only know of openings in the spring and/or summer before the start of the new school year. Please keep this in mind when choosing to apply for these levels.
  • The applicant MUST be Eligible for English School. 


STEP 1:  Please complete the Online Application Form;

STEP 2:  Send the following documents to Loyola High School as soon as possible:

  • A letter from the parents outlining why they would like their son to come to Loyola High School;
  • A letter from the applicant outlining why he would like to come to Loyola High School;
  • All June report cards from Grade 6 onward;
  • All progress and term report cards from the current year;
  • Any letters of recommendation, particularly from the applicant’s parish or place of worship.

STEP 3:  If places do become available, the Admissions Committee will review the applications that have been received and contact certain students for an interview to take place in July or August.

STEP 4:  Once a decision is reached, the Admissions Office will contact you immediately. A letter will be mailed or will be available for pick up.