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Our Generous Financial Aid Program

Last academic year…
➢ over 16% of Loyola students (1 in 6), received partial or full bursaries;
➢ over $722,000 in financial aid was awarded to 121 students;
➢ the average bursary of $5,970 covered 63% of the total school fees.

The financial aid program is funded entirely by the Loyola High School Foundation, thanks to the generous support of alumni, parents, staff and friends and through special fundraising initiatives such as the Foundation Golf Tournament, the Hockey Raffle, the Mothers’ Guild Wine & Cheese and the school store.

Our Generous Financial Aid Program

How the Application Process Works

Maintaining Confidentiality

Important Factors to Consider

Deadlines for Applying

How to Proceed with the Financial Aid Application

Tax Implications of Receiving Financial Aid

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