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How the Application Process Works

There is no specific income requirement to apply for financial aid. The process relies on individualized assessments that take into account each family’s unique circumstances, including their employment earnings and other income, assets, liabilities, number of dependents etc.

Loyola has retained the services of Apple Financial Services to assess all the requests. Parents must complete the online application and submit the required documents. Apple provides an objective analysis of each application, with a recommendation of what the family should reasonably contribute towards the total fees. The Bursary Committee reviews the results and approves the final grants. Families are notified in writing of the committee’s decision.

All new applicants will be asked to meet with the Bursary Committee to discuss their applications prior to approval of the final grants.

The financial aid granted is of one-year duration. Families must reapply each year if their financial need persists.

The School trusts that the information provided on the application is accurate and truthful. Any evidence to the contrary will put the student's standing at Loyola in jeopardy and risk a repeal, retroactively, of all the financial aid awarded.

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How the Application Process Works

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