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Deadlines for Applying

I. Incoming Students

General Deadline: The deadline to apply for financial aid is 2 weeks after you receive your acceptance letter from the Loyola High School Admissions Office.

Parents who apply prior to December 15 will receive an answer from the Bursary Committee by January 31.

Early-Application Deadline: Parents who choose to apply by October 31 (prior to confirmation of their son's acceptance to Loyola) will receive notification of the committee's decision with their acceptance letter.

II. Returning Students

The deadline for the online submission is March 11. The Bursary Committee will inform the family of its decision by early June.

***PLEASE NOTE: If you were unable to meet the above deadlines or if a need for financial aid arises during the school year, please contact Rosa Naccarello, Director of Finance at 514-486-1101 ext. 264 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Generous Financial Aid Program

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Deadlines for Applying

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