2016 Alumni CSP

At Benedict Labre House on May 25th. More photos available here.

This year’s edition of Labre House did not meander from the script of years past – a bit of rain at the beginning which quickly gave way to brilliant sunshine, over 100 hungry homeless who were treated to their first Bar-B-Q of the year and a few new alum who made sure the stalwarts of yore were up to the task of cooking the proper fare – namely hamburgers and hotdogs.

Mark Daly and Bert Tougas from the Class of ’67 arrived early and helped set up the site. Before long, we had cooks of the stature of Frank Zullo ‘85, Ryan Lynam ‘95, Mike Venditti ’91 and Ryan O’Connor ‘94 – unbelievably, nobody was poisoned. Rajiva Sabapathy ‘89, Elias Scarvelis ‘84, Charles Grenier ‘78 and Paul Leblanc ‘68 (it took Paul two hours to find a parking space – we’re not sure if he found his car afterwards), were instrumental in making sure the transition of food from the Bar-B-Q to the masses was accomplished with expediency. Kathy Mullins and Stan Vincelli ‘63 (Stan serves on the Board of Labre House) put a “Happy Face” on the proceedings.

Many thanks boys and girl for your enthusiasm and wonderful spirit of giving, which was obvious throughout the day.

Have a great summer,

a.k.a. Bob Shaughnessy, Alumni Director