Loyola High School Hall of Merit

The purpose of the Hall of Merit is to offer current and future Loyola students examples of ‘men-and women-for-others', men and women who provide, or who provided, remarkable and outstanding service to others.

The Hall of Merit pays tribute to Loyola graduates and associates who contributed significantly to society in the Loyola spirit of "living for others." The inductees best exemplify Loyola's goals and ideals. Whether they have received public exposure for their contributions or have done so more quietly, but no less effectively, the over-riding criterion for selection is remarkable and outstanding service to others. 

"Men and Women for Others"

Mr. Jean Béland 61
Mr. Noubar Afeyan ‘78

Dr. Paul Campbell Noble ‘54
Mr. J. Barry MacDonald ‘61
Mr. Stanley Vincelli ‘63
Mr. Gavin Fernandes ‘82/Ms. Teresa Dellar


The Honourable James Flaherty '66
Mr. Bruce Kelly '63
Rev. Eric Maclean, S.J. '60

Mr. Roger Abbott '63
Mr. Don Ferguson '63

Mr. Peter R. O'Brien '62
Dr. James D. Sullivan '54, MD, CM

Mrs. Margarita Arsenault
Father John Baxter '52
Mr. Brian McDonough '68
Mr. Vijay Pereira '78
Mr. Tom Pirelli '65

Rev. Michael Czerny, S.J. '63
Mr. Jim Newman '60
Mr. Richard J. Renaud '63
Mr. William Henry Wilson
Mr. William Howard Wilson '49

Rev. Kenneth Casey, S.J. '39
Dr. A. Gilbert Drolet '46
Mrs. Ann Ascoli
Rev. Ernest Schibli '56
Rev. Stanley Drummond, S.J.

Dr. Robert J. Brodrick '39
Mrs. Alphonsine Paré-Howlett
Miss Margaret Mary Poku & Mrs. Mary Safoah Poku
Rev. Frank Ramsperger, S.J. '49

Mr. Stephen Foster '68
Mr. Paul Gallagher '46
Mr. Clifford Lincoln
Rev. Brian Massie, S.J. '60
Mr. Brian F. O'Neill '45
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Jim Pearson '49

Mr. Leo Bissonnette '70
Rev. William Mackey, S.J. '32
Dr. Nishith Mukerji
Rev. Alexander Rolland, S.J. '23

Rev. Norman Dodge, S.J. '45
Rev. John Hodgins, S.J.
Rev. Bernard Lonergan, S.J. '22
Mr. Edmund R. Meagher '41
Dr. Albert Royer '34
His Excellency Georges P. Vanier DSO, MC '02