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Rev. Eric Maclean, S.J. ’61 (1943 – 2007)

Since its inception, Loyola High School has benefitted from visionary and outstanding leaders and one of the brighter stars in that constellation was Eric MacLean, S.J.

A former student, teacher, Chaplain, Principal and President of Loyola, Eric MacLean embodied the best of what a Jesuit education in general, and Loyola High School education, in particular, represent.

Bright, well versed in both the arts and finance, continuously curious to learn new things, he was a wonderfully extroverted character, blessed with a disarmingly self-deprecating sense of humour. Over the years, Eric Maclean not only served Loyola High School well in many different capacities, but also, at a critical juncture in its history, helped fashion and realize the vision that brought it to where it is today.

Building on the groundwork laid by his predecessor, Len Altilia, S.J., Eric Maclean fostered the evolution and development of Jesuit collaboration with lay counterparts serving on the Loyola High School Board of Governors. He helped Loyola focus on and invigorate the Jesuit characteristics of secondary education through closer links with the Jesuit Secondary Education Association and through the introduction of the Kairos program and the implementation of a Jesuit Education Survey for the High School. He oversaw a major change in the faculty as an older generation of teachers retired. He piloted the purchase of the “southland” fields and thanks to his canny business sense, later sold a part of those assets at a healthy profit to the benefit of the Loyola High School Foundation, thus generating additional bursaries. Above all, his presence and participation were critical to the vision, daring and ultimate success, of the “Reaching New Heights” Capital Campaign that resulted in a major physical and pedagogical transformation for the school.

Given his many-faceted, yet unquestionably singular contribution to the development of Loyola High School, the Selection Committee recommended that Eric Maclean, S.J., be inducted to the Loyola High School Hall of Merit.

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