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Our Timeline

1848 - Jesuits open an English Section of Collège Ste. Marie. There are thirteen students.

1896 -  The newly founded Loyola College moves to the former convent of the Sacred Heart, southwest corner of Bleury and St. Catherine Street.

1898 - Wednesday, February 9, 1898, Loyola takes residence at the former Tucker School, 68 Drummond St. on the west side, just below St. Catherine Street, where it remains until 1916.

1916 - Loyola College moved to the campus on Sherbrooke Street in the west end of Montreal. The High School was located in the Junior Building, and until 1961, shared the Administration Building and then part of the Central Building. In the Junior Building, surrounded by Gothic architecture, gargoyles, leaded and stained-glass windows and oak moulding, young men began their journey, to become "Eight-Year Men." After four years of High School and four years of College, they graduated with university degrees in the Arts or Sciences. In 1961 the era of boarders ended and the High School was located only in the Junior Building. An extension was added in 1968 and a gym was built south of Sherbrooke Street in 1978. Loyola remains in this building until 1992.

1991 - Construction begins on the new Loyola High School Building. Generous support from the Alumni contributes to the success of the building campaign.

1992 - Loyola transfers its tradition to a new building across Sherbrooke Street, at the corner of West Broadway, adjacent to the gym.

2003 - Loyola embarks on a new Capital Campaign "Reaching New Heights," to construct a new three-story wing, atrium and theatre.

2004-2005 - A three-story wing and Bishops' atrium was added to the existing building, along West Broadway.

2005 - The Eric Maclean S.J. Centre for the Performing Arts opened.