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Movember's 10th year at Loyola

Update - Monday, December 3rd: Last week marked the end of Loyola's 10th Annual Movember Fundraiser. Thank you to all those who donated and helped to raise awareness about men's health issues. Nearly $2,400 was raised this year by a great group of supporters!

Help us raise awareness about men's health issues for the tenth straight year. All are welcome, including students in any grade, family members, alumni and friends. For students and staff, the contribution is 20$, while any and all other contributions can be made online at our Movember team page.

You can grow moustaches, clean-cut goatees and proper beards ONLY. The guidelines that Mr. Mancini has approved are dependent on all of our cooperation. This is very straightforward so please do not disrespect the spirit of the fundraiser. So please, no neck beards or poorly connecting facial hair.

The deadline to pay is Friday, November 9th to Mr. Elie or a committee member (Micho Fiore in Sec. 2, Ian Patterson in Sec. 4, Dmytro Pacholuk (sec. 5) or Matthew Montoni (sec. 5).

Brown Movember bracelets will be issued to all participants. You are asked to wear this at all times so that you can be identified as a participant of Movember.

Good growing and all the best.

Michael Elie
Science Department Head
Loyola High School