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Screen Time acts as a reporting tool to help users manage their device use. Once the feature is activated, it starts to track every app that is used, every notification that is received and the number of times a device is checked. You can access a daily summary or a 7 day summary of activity. It can be very enlightening for users and is the first fully integrated tool that gives users meaningful feedback on device use.

Why this is good for parents:

Tracking activity is helpful but Screen Time also provides parents with the ability to enforce downtime (device won’t be usable for a set period each day) and app category limits (daily time limits on games, social networking). Content restrictions settings are also available to help with inappropriate web, movie, music and book content. Limits are imposed and require a passcode to bypass.

We recommend that parents discuss reasonable limits with their sons. Negotiating limits rather than imposing them can help minimise conflict and positive outcomes are more likely.

The school is recommending that all students upgrade their devices to iOS12 and activate the Screen Time feature. Applying the password restriction is also recommended in cases where your son may have difficulty with self imposed limits. We strongly recommend that Secondary 1 and 2 students have limits in place that are enforced by parent passcodes.

Please refer to the guides below to help with the configuration of Screen Time. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school or have your son stop by the ”4 Seasons” Office for IT help.

Upgrade to iOS 12

Screen Time is a feature that is available as of iOS 12. Any devices that you would like to track will require that iOS 12 is installed. All the school iPads support iOS12. Any iPhones or other iPads your son may have will need to be updated to iOS12 for “tracking across devices” to paint a full picture.

List of supported devices:


Update Walkthrough


Your son should be sure to have a backup before doing the update. By default, there should be one made every day when he charges his iPad. The link above has instructions on how to create a backup and how to check to see when the last backup was done.

Walkthrough for Screen Time configuration:

Screen Time is linked to your son’s Apple ID. This is the account that he uses to get apps, buy music etc… In order to properly manage his device, Family Sharing should be set up (https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201088). This allows parents to link their Apple ID to their sons. With Family Sharing in place, changes and purchases by your son’s Apple ID are vetted by you.

Below is a walkthrough for setting up Screen Time.

Towards the bottom of the walkthrough there is a section on configuring Screen Time with a passcode. This is what locks the settings down and makes your downtimes and restrictions mandatory for your son.

Content Restrictions:


We strongly suggest configuring the Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time and limiting the Adult websites. You can also explicitly block certain sites that you want restricted. This will block access in Safari during the times where he does have access to his devices. The link above has screenshots to guide you.