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Loyola Festival of the Arts

For the first time, The Loyola Festival of the Arts is going virtual! Until this year, the Arts Department held the show in May, during the Festival of the Arts Week.  Thanks to the Loyola Parents Association, we have been able to buy space in a virtual art gallery at Kunstmatrix.com. The following four openings are set to take place throughout the rest of the academic year:
  • The fall semester Secondary 2 art class (gallery opening: January)
  • Our annual Art Battle (gallery opening: February)
  • Portfolio collections by the eight students in the Portfolio Mentorship class (gallery opening: March)
  • The Sec 4/5 Permanent Art Collection Competition (gallery opening: April)

We hope you enjoy the work done by our amazingly creative Arts students at Loyola, and we welcome you to tour the virtual gallery here.

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