In October 2019, Loyola High School’s Governance, Ethics and Nomination Committee, in collaboration with school leadership, initiated a review process for the School’s current key policies in order to ensure the care for all people. The goals identified were to take inventory of which policies currently exist,  identify and address gaps in procedures, and ensure our core policies meet current best practices. With the help of the Jesuits of Canada, and outside consultants, we have updated and produced policies for the protection of our community. These policies were adopted by the Loyola Board of Governors on September 21, 2020. 

These policies are: 

Loyola believes that updating and adopting new policies is essential in maintaining both professional and pastoral standards. The School must be guided by our Ignatian orientation which always calls us as an apostolic body to reflect on our reality, and to recognize our critical focus on the dignity and uniqueness of each person. Because of this, a Jesuit education, at all levels, is always student-centered, while being attentive to the care and development of the whole person. In order to ensure the health and safety of everyone, aligned with the Jesuit path we call Our Way of Proceeding, we must move forward in ways that best serve our students, faculty, staff, and our broader community. As the School navigates through a year that feels more challenging than most, we are reminded of the importance of our community and the well-being of all. In this, we must return to the pilgrim’s journey, walking with Christ through his life, looking for ways to imitate him more closely, and being committed to reflecting upon our own reality so that we can embrace our unending responsibility to protect everyone.