The goal of the English Language Arts Program is to inspire in students a lifelong love of literature. Students are introduced to a wide range of literary voices from non-fiction, fiction, drama and poetry. Their own voices are developed in responses to literature and in their creative writing. Throughout the five years, emphasis is placed on technical excellence, creativity and the power of the written word.

ENGLISH Cycle One-Year One
In Cycle One-Year One students read a wide range of both new and established Canadian and World Literature. Students will learn to appreciate and relate to various media texts and literary genres, through both oral and written responses. As many students come from a French or French Immersion elementary school background, vocabulary enrichment, figurative language, spelling and sentence structure are a strong focus of the writing process. Students transfer ideas from the genres of poetry, short stories and drama into their own creative writing voice. Students are introduced to drama through the characters and worlds created in the plays of William Shakespeare.

ENGLISH Cycle One-Year Two
The Cycle One-Year Two program focuses on a study of more complex themes in Canadian and World Literature. Students explore a wide range of fiction and non-fiction and continue to develop their literary skills. There is a strong focus on the writing process, both as a response to literature and in creative writing. Emphasis is on the writing of paragraphs with a unifying idea, creativity, figurative language, more complex sentence structure, revision and editing. Students continue their exploration of drama through study of a play by William Shakespeare.

ENGLISH Cycle Two-Year One
At this level, students continue to develop their personal, creative, critical and analytical skills. They read, analyze, interpret, reflect and respond to, a variety of literary forms: novels, short stories, poetry, personal narratives, essays, articles, descriptions and drama, drawn from Canadian and World Literature, as well as one play by Shakespeare. They write longer and increasingly more sophisticated pieces of writing, both critical and creative, which reflect their skills and develop their “personal styles.” In addition, students are encouraged to hone their speaking and listening skills, as well as to acquire strategies for understanding, and dealing with, the “media-oriented” world in which they live.

ENGLISH Cycle Two-Year Two
The Cycle Two-Year Two program focuses on the continued developing awareness and appreciation for the world of literature. Students study a variety of literary genres including the short story, poetry, and the essay. There is an in-depth analysis of novels and longer works of non-fiction, as well as a play by Shakespeare. Writing assignments, both analytical and creative, are directed toward expressing themes from literature through the students’ own voice. They are expected to read additional novels independently and respond in a variety of ways including literary analysis, and dramatic performance. Students are encouraged to write creatively using the works studied as a starting point. At this level, they will become increasingly aware that good literature heightens and sharpens awareness of life.

ENGLISH Cycle Two-Year Three
In Cycle Two-Year Three students are prepared for C.E.G.E.P. The primary focus of this course is the study of Contemporary, Canadian, British and American Literature. A central writing assignment for the third term is a Research Paper. Students study various themes through the reading and analysis of the short story, poetry, the essay, non-fiction, the novel and drama. Students are expected to show a high level of analytical ability in their writing.

ENGLISH Cycle Two-Year Three, Enriched
The Cycle Two-Year Three Enriched program is a C.E.G.E.P. preparatory course designed for the advanced English student. Students are expected to show a high level of analytical ability, creative insight and research capability. As well as being responsible for the standard reading requirements for the course, students read and analyze additional novels independently. Students study a number of genres covering a variety of literary time periods. There is a strong creative writing component with experimentation in genre, style, and voice.

SPEECH All Levels
English Language Arts students are required to take Speech classes at each level. During Cycle One, students deliver presentations in both English and French. Performances during their final three years are exclusively presented in English. The purpose of this course is to instill in the students' self-confidence, poise and basic skills in public speaking. Students learn to express themselves clearly, distinctly and with the confidence necessary to interact with others in all aspects of life.

INDEPENDENT STUDIES Cycle One-Year One and Two
With the help of the homeroom and study skills teachers, students learn to plan and implement their own learning activities in whatever subject area is most needed. The independent study moderators then act as resource teachers for the students as they undertake the specific learning objectives of the day. The period also provides an opportunity for students to work on group projects, seek extra help in areas of difficulty, and embark on cross-curricular learning.