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Campus Ministry

As a Jesuit Catholic High School, Loyola strongly emphasizes the spiritual life of its members. The religious and pastoral programs are intended to complement and support the Catholic upbringing that students receive in their homes and parishes.

Loyola provides several resources and programs to support the student in his religious and spiritual growth. They are intended to provide a consistent spiritual foundation for the students so that, by the time they graduate, they are in touch with their relationship with God and who they are as Men-for-Others in imitation of the primary Man-for-Others, Jesus Christ. The hope is that this spiritual formation will help form and sustain students who are:

Open to growth
Intellectually Competent
Committed to doing justice

The Campus Ministry team coordinates the religious and liturgical life of the school. They work with the Chaplain to broaden the scope and level of student participation in youth ministry at Loyola.

CHAPLAIN – Robert Brennan, S.J.

The school chaplain is available to all members of the Loyola High School community: students, staff, faculty, parents and alumni. Apart from providing individual counselling when requested, the Chaplain coordinates morning masses and works in conjunction with the Campus Minister on all school masses and liturgies.


The campus ministry team includes the following faculty and staff:

Kairos Retreat Coordinator – Philip Lafave
Religion Department Head – Lisa Diaz
Retreat Team – J.P. Mancini
St. Ignatius Society – J.P. Mancini and Brian Traynor
Dominican and Montreal Experience Coordinators – Brian Traynor and Sean Donovan
Christian Service Program Coordinator – Sean Donovan
Music Minister – Marthe Lacasse
Mass & Liturgy Coordinator - Ashley Redmond

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