Experience Week

In the month of February secondary four students at Loyola participate in immersion activities in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Belize as well as within Montreal communities.

Those who take part in the Dominican, Colombian or Belizean Experiences are significantly immersed in the country's culture and live with local families. Students experience first-hand the challenges faced by the communities they visit. They learn through immersion, as well as through group activities designed to foster the bridging of two worlds. Click here to read Mr. Traynor's take on the 2016 Experience as well as the feedback sent to him from a Loyola family.

For the Montreal Experience, the goal is to create awareness of those with whom we do not often get the chance to spend time, but with whom we share this city. By helping out where needed and most importantly interacting with the elderly, the physically or intellectually challenged, and the less fortunate around the city, the hope is that students gain an appreciation of who they are, and what they face each day. Click here to read what some of the secondary four students thought about their Montreal Experience.

In the sharing of themselves during this brief, meaningful encounter, students are given the opportunity to truly be men for and with others, so that their awareness and solidarity can grow.

For more information please see our pamphlets for the Dominican, Colombian, and Belizean Experiences.



Watch the 2018 Dominican Experience video, filmed and edited by Nicholas Franco '19:

Watch the 2018 Peruvian Experience video, filmed and edited by Michael Di Fiore '19:

Watch the 2018 Colombian Experience video, filmed and edited by Tarek Gohar '19: 


Watch Carson Landreville's video on the 2016 Dominican Experience: 


David Thomas’ documentary on the Belize Experience.

Matthew O’Connor’s photographs of the Consuelo group in the Dominican Republic. Password: Loyola2015