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Secondary I


  • The admissions process takes place in the fall (September/October) when the student is in Grade 6.
  • Please see IMPORTANT DATES & DEADLINES for the timing of events.
  • The applicant MUST be Eligible for English SchoolPlease note:  If you need to apply for a certificate for your son or you have lost or misplaced your son's certificate, the Loyola Admissions Office will handle all the necessary paperwork provided your son is accepted to the school.


STEP 1: Please click here to pay the application fee of $50. 

STEP 2:  Please complete the Online Application Form (works best in the following browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). PLEASE NOTE: INTERNET EXPLORER CANNOT BE USED.

STEP 3:  Submit the supporting documents by Friday, October 8.

STEP 4:  You will be contacted to arrange an interview (virtual or in-person).

  • The interview lasts about 20 minutes and parent(s) can be present online with their son. Most of the questions will be directed to the applicant, with a brief conversation with parent(s) near the end of the interview.

STEP 5:  Once all students have been interviewed, the files will be reviewed. You will receive an email with the Admission Committee's decision by Sunday, November 21 at the latest. To understand how your son's file will be evaluated, please click here