Jesuit Volunteers Canada

Dear Alumni

Jesuit Volunteers Canada is an engaging program where volunteers commit themselves to a year or two of service, simplicity and spiritual exploration, all within a community providing both growth and support. Current opportunities may include facilitating non-Native and Native cross cultural experiences with schools, developing youth programs, doing community development and social analysis, and promoting and carrying out ecological practices. 


Program Features:

  • An eleven month commitment which begins in early September and concludes in late July.
  • Placement at the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre in Espanola, ON or various placements in Toronto where JVs could do outreach about social justice issues or work with neighbourhood organizations to provide better access to food and encourage community development.
  • Provision of room, board, and a small stipend.
  • Living in community with other Jesuit Volunteers.
  • Ongoing spiritual support which includes one-on-one conversations and organized retreats.
  • Open to people twenty years old or older. Our core tenets are community living, simple living, service for social justice, and spirituality.

For more information and to request application information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Final Round Deadline for completed applications: April 30th