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Leadership Giving

By partnering with Loyola through your philanthropic leadership, you play a critical role in supporting the school's ability to fulfill its mission.

A fully funded endowment requires an investment of $150,000 (or $75,000 for a partial endowment). Why should you consider such an investment?
➢ to make a significant commitment to the future of Loyola, as the funds are actively invested to allow the school to draw on the endowment in perpetuity;
➢ to give back to Loyola for the education and formation you received;
➢ to honour a loved one by naming an endowment to commemorate that individual’s life.

Benefactors of the Adopt-a-Student Program sponsor students whose families are in critical financial need. You can profoundly change a young man’s life by giving him the opportunity to experience a first-rate education and a community like no other. An annual contribution of
• $8,500 funds a full “adoption” or
• $4,250 funds a half “adoption”.