Student Stock Exchange

Our Secondary 5 students conclude their final 12 weeks of their high school careers working in teams, setting up companies, selling shares and ultimately selling products to our school community. The Student Stock Exchange (SSX) has been part of the secondary 5 experience for over 20 years and with each company working directly with local charities, it has helped raise well over $350,000 since its inception. 
Last year we were unable to complete the project however in 2021 we are moving forward in a creative way.

The SSX stock sale will take place virtually on Friday, April 9. The school community, staff, faculty and students will be provided with a link that will instruct them how to purchase shares in all 16 companies. The actual selling of the products will take place the week of May 3. Students, staff, faculty and the extended Loyola community will be able to pre order their product online (a few days before), with deliveries starting the week of May 3.