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Maroon & White 2020-21

MaroonWhite 2020 21

Maroon and White members are chosen to serve during their graduating year. Members are selected by a committee of administrators, teachers, and students according to strict standards of achievement and conduct. They have made a recognizable contribution to school life. They have demonstrated the values and attitudes that Loyola espouses, especially the sense of service expressed in the phrase, "Men for Others."

The primary responsibility of the Maroon and White Society is to serve as Loyola's ambassadors, to represent, both inside and outside the school, the best qualities of Loyola. In addition, this group represents Loyola at various functions outside the school, as well as assisting with events within the school.

President Daniel Magee
Vice President Alessandro Vani
  Jordan Cheng
  Robert Emblem
  Ben Greaves
  Jack Laurin
  Owen Liesemer
  Calvin Little
  Lucas Mariani
  Matthew Oleksiw
  Claudio Petroni 
  Aidan Wiazowski