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Technology Acceptable Use Policy

1. Appropriate Use: I will learn to use the devices and software to which I have access to strengthen my relationship with my peers, my school, my community and my faith. I realize that engaging in, or failing to take a stand against, harassment, racism, sexism and bullying, fails to strengthen those relationships.

2. Vandalism/Hacking/Jailbreaking: I will earn the trust placed in me by the school and by my peers by respecting the property, privacy and the security of others. I realize that attempts to circumvent passwords, or other electronic security, are a violation of that trust.

3. Inappropriate Material: I will use the devices and software available to me to enrich my character, to grow as a “Man for Others” and to further my commitment to justice.

4. Privacy: I realize that my actions can have unforeseen consequences and will be mindful that the privacy and wellbeing of others is something that I must consider when using my electronic devices. Images/videos of others require their consent and the full disclosure of how I will use those images/videos.

5. My devices, software, passwords and accounts are my responsibility. I will protect myself and others by informing myself of the obligations and best practices involved in online security. I realize that online security is a subject that changes and requires vigilance on my part.

6. Copyright: My work and the works of others are to be respected. If I use any media, text or the work of another, I will do my best to ensure that I have the right to use that work and I will cite the sources of that work. I realize that taking credit for the work of others does not strengthen my relationship with my peers or my community.

7. Communication: I will take appropriate steps to ensure I am respectful, courteous and appropriate when communicating electronically. My choice of words and the tone I use when connecting with others should reflect the way I wish to be seen by my community.

I realize that my actions are a reflection of my character. If I have doubts about the appropriateness of behaviour, I will seek the advice of my teachers and parents before I act. If I make mistakes, I will see those mistakes as opportunities for growth and understanding. I also acknowledge that those opportunities for growth and understanding might come in the form of serious consequences. If I fail to live up to the standards to which I have agreed, I could be liable to suspension, expulsion or even criminal charges.

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