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Peer Tutoring

Learn about our peer tutor program. 

How can I perform better on tests?
I need extra help, but I don't want to pay for a tutor.
I get it in class, but then forget it on tests
I prefer to learn from people my own age
Can I earn CSP credit from Peer Tutoring others?
How can I be a "man for others", and share my talents?

The LPTP, Loyola's own volunteer tutoring program, uses our best resource, our students, to fill an important need in the school. Each year, thirty-five to sixty students work as regular peer tutors, helping as many students. There are many advantages of having a peer vs. a professional tutor: peer tutors work for FREE, they have taken or are taking the subject being tutored, and they are flexible with their schedules. Peer Tutors themselves can earn CSP credit for this work, though our PTs find the program, especially the helping aspect, to be extremely rewarding. Please see Ms. Percival if you wish to be or to have a peer tutor, or if you simply wish to have more information.