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Committed to Doing Justice

A graduate of Loyola is aware of many needs of the local and global communities, and is beginning to use his time and talents to work toward the further development of a just society in light of Ignatian ideals. The graduate is preparing to take his place in the community as an accomplished, concerned, compassionate, and responsible “man for others.”

"What struck me the most at Bernard's university graduation from Mount Allison University is that about 15 customers from the local food bank came out to cheer when he graduated (the graduates actually cross the street in Sackville to enter the main auditorium where the graduation takes place). When I asked Bernard who those people were, he replied 'friends from the food bank' where he volunteered his time once a week for the last 4 years. Loyola's CSP program reinforces what is taught at home but also exposes the boys to so much more: it plants a seed which hopefully will grow some day - like it did in Bernard."

- Michèle Nadeau and Réginald Soubry (parents of Bernard Soubry, Class of 2008)