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Christian Service Program (CSP)

A distinguishing characteristic of Jesuit education is to help students realize that individual talents are to be developed for the good of the whole community. Students are encouraged to use their gifts in the service of others out of love for God.

In order to promote an awareness of "service to others", all students complete a "service" course as part of their studies. This course includes the service itself, as well as, a reflection paper on the students' experiences. 

Students are required to choose a variety of types of service work over their 4 years in this program:

  • Serving the wider communities (cancer fund raisers, sports tournaments, community days, etc.)
  • Serving others in a teaching role (peer-tutoring, after-school programs, coaching, Faith First, etc.)
  • Serving the Church or faith communities
  • Serving the Loyola school and community
  • Serving the poor and marginalized of society directly (disadvantaged, sick, elderly, physically or intellectually-challenged, etc.)

We use Moodle to help manage the Christian Service Program. It contains information about CSP placements and general information about the program.