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Tuition & Financial Aid


To learn more about our fees, please read Financial Conditions 2021-2022.

1) Payment options

The following payment options are offered by Loyola High School:

  1.    2-Payment Option: Payment is made on September 1st (75% of balance) and February 1st (25% of balance);
  2.    1-Payment Option: Full tuition due on September 1st;
  3.    10-Payment Option: 10 payments on the first of the month from September to June;

2) Payment method

All families are required to pay by pre-authorized debits.

Financial Aid

Opening Our Doors Wide

The school’s strategic plan emphasizes that “diversity and accessibility are essential to Loyola’s identity and that every effort should be made to seek, attract and admit qualified students regardless of their ability to pay tuition and related costs”. Our “needs-blind” admissions policy ensures that there is no disadvantage whatsoever to the financial aid applicant during the admissions process.

Please explore the links below for all the information that you need about the financial aid application process.