Tribute to Lisa Dias

May 23, 2023

Lisa Dias Memorial Fund

On December 24, 2022, Loyola lost one of our best. Lisa Dias, faculty member and Campus Minister, was dedicated to the school, but more particularly: its students. She spent hours after school and weekends running the After School program, and as Religion Department Head enriched the spiritual life of countless students.

All those students who were blessed to know her as a teacher and moderator know that she regarded them all with the greatest care and commitment. Her drive was to ensure they became compassionate, intelligent, and successful young men full of strong character.

At the end of the 2022-23 school year, a video was created in collaboration with Loyola alumni to pay tribute to her legacy. You can watch that video and see a few quotes from current students and a colleague below:

"There are quiet moments during the day when I think about the meaningful chinwags I shared with Lisa. Often, I found myself seeking her sound counsel when life's whirlwinds would sweep me away. Without fail, she was always by my side, encouraging me to "keep fighting the good fight." Lisa was a veritable force of nature who lived her Faith fervently in service to others. She will forever be in my heart, and her passion will continue to provide me with the strength to forge ahead in this game called life. Indeed, Alexander Pope's words ring true when I think about her: "Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend."
Mr. Eric Vani '91, faculty

“Mr. Dias was a person that was always there for me, she was the person that helped me through everything, even in her hardest of times. I remember even when she was sick, she would be on Google meets with me, although people were telling her to rest and forget about me, she would insist to always help me no matter what. That was the person Ms. Dias was.”
Michele Ferrara, Class of ’23

Video Tribute
Brant Azeff, Class of '23

“I met Ms. Dias when I was in secondary two. I remember being scared of her, but as I began to develop a deeper connection with her, I saw how much of a determined and warmhearted person she truly was. Throughout the years, I've encountered countless amounts of difficulties, but Ms. Dias was always there to comfort me. From personal emails to private talks, she was a person I was able to count on. Ms. Dias will forever hold a great impact on my life and will always be remembered dearly in my heart. I am tremendously grateful to have met such a beautiful soul."
Jayden Villafana-Williams, Class of ’23

Ms. Dias was the strongest women I knew, and saw potential in me that no one else did, and believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.
Elie Owen Macleay, Class of '23

“Miss Dias was an outstanding teacher and an amazing person. She dedicated her time to help others achieve what they thought was not possible and never had any selfish thoughts. She was not only an incredible academic teacher but an excellent role model and guide. She was extremely focused on making sure those around her went down the correct path."
Luca Catino, Class of ’23

You may read her obituary and additional comments from family, friends, alumni and colleagues commemorating Lisa Dias here.

Lisa Dias Memorial Fund

On April 18, 2023, during our first Giving Day, two large anonymous donations were made to the bursary fund in honour of Lisa Dias. The donors expressed a wish to create a memorial fund that would honour her legacy in perpetuity at Loyola High School.

Since that announcement of a fund in her honour, over 125 donors have contributed, bringing the total raised to $91,294. For a fund to be endowed at Loyola High School, and exist in perpetuity, it must exceed $100,000. Please consider contributing and helping ensuring the Lisa Dias Memorial Fund becomes endowed. This means that your money is invested and generates revenue that will support students in perpetuity and keep Lisa's memory alive for generations to come.

Contribute to the Lisa Dias Memorial Fund

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