The Power of #TogetherForOthers

May 4, 2023

Usually held in November as part of a nation-wide Giving Tuesday, several non-profit organizations and schools host giving days on an annual basis. 2023 was the first time for Loyola High School, and it was held a week out from Easter on Tuesday, April 18. Our goal was participation and not money. We set ourselves a lofty one: 750 unique donors in one day. We were humbled by the support of the Loyola community. Over 900 people participated, surpassing our goal. Furthermore, over $250,000 was raised for various programs at the school.


Our goal of 750 participants was exceeded, all challenges met, and all of this is due to the amazing support of everyone in the Loyola community. We cannot begin to express our deep and sincere gratitude to our alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff, and friends of the school who stepped up to support our school and mission.

Students participated in a free dress day, raising money for their individual class bursaries. Homerooms 1C and 5A won pizza lunches for the highest rate of participation. 

                                      88% student participation • Nearly 500 alumni gave 

Representing the highest number of donors, alumni of all generations came out in force to support the various needs of the school and our students! The Loyola High School Alumni Association (LHSAA) leaderboard challenge encourage class participation. The Young Alumni challenge was clearly won by the Class of 2008, but the Old Warriors challenge ended with a close result between the Class of 1997, who appeared to come out ahead, and the Class of 1990, close behind.

                                        More than 375 parents • 75 Staff & Faculty

Current and former parents, recognizing the impact of Loyola on their sons, generously gave during our Giving Day.

The Loyola Parents' Association (LPA) provided challenge funds: $10,000 for Experience Week and $10,000 for Teachers' Excellence, amplifying each donor's gift. The Loyola Mothers' Guild, who also attended the April 18 President's Reception at Loyola offered $10,000 as a challenge fund for first-time donors, with all proceeds going to bursary.

President's Reception
Faculty and staff, current and former, whom already give generously to the school, came out to support our first Giving Day and celebrate our culture of giving at the President's Reception.

President's Reception
Giving Day was an important reminder to everyone of the mission of our school as an apostolate of the Society of Jesus: to be men and women for and with others, that supporting Loyola’s programs helps us better support the marginalized. And that we are stronger #TogetherForOthers. 

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