Application Process

Secondary 1 Application Process

  • Secondary 1 classes at Loyola are co-educational and open to all applicants
  • Applicants must have an English Eligibility Certificate to attend Loyola
  • Check our Key Admission Dates for application deadlines and other important steps in the application process
Step 1: Preparation

The following documents are required in order to complete the application process:

  • Grade 4 June Report Card
  • Grade 5 June Report Card
  • Birth Certificate with names of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
  • English Eligibility certificate
  • IEP and/or learning assessment (if applicable)
  • Reference letters (if available)

The application process can be started without all of the above documentation. If your child is eligible, but does not yet have their certificate, the Admissions Office will help you with the paperwork should your child enroll at Loyola.

Step 2: Complete Application

Follow the steps in the Application Form (below) to begin and complete your application:

  • Required information about the applicant and applicant family
  • Creation of an Admissions portal account
  • Submission of required documents in the Admissions portal
  • Submission of a mandatory Additional Information Form available in the Admissions portal under Folders/Documents (this form is a fillable PDF that must be downloaded, completed and uploaded to the Documents section of the portal)
  • Payment of a $50 application fee within the Admissions portal

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Step 3: Next Steps

Application decisions are made after a careful review of each applicant’s file.

After the application deadline, applicants take part in an Admissions Interview & Assessment Day.

There is no formal entrance exam.

All application decisions will be posted in the Admissions portal. Applicants are either accepted, not accepted or placed on a waiting list.

Check the Key Admissions Dates for all next step deadlines.

Incoming Secondary 2-5 Students

General Information

Loyola High School will only know of openings in the spring and/or summer before the start of the new school year. Please keep this in mind when choosing to apply for these levels. The applicant must be Eligible for English School. 

The following documents are required:

  • A letter from the parents outlining why they would like their child to come to Loyola High School;
  • A letter from the applicant outlining why they would like to come to Loyola High School;
  • All June report cards from Grade 6 onward;
  • All progress and term report cards from the current year;
  • Any letters of recommendation, particularly from the applicant’s parish or place of worship.

If places do become available, the Admissions Committee will review the applications that have been received and contact certain students for an interview to take place in the spring/summer.

Once a decision is reached, the Admissions Office will contact you immediately by phone or by email.

Submit documents by email

How will my child’s file be evaluated?

Criteria for admission to Loyola High School will include:

  • Satisfactory Elementary School reports in order to ensure the applicant can meet the demands of Loyola's academic program;
  • An interview in order for Loyola to become better acquainted with the applicant;
  • An attestation by the applicant that they are open to following a Jesuit, Catholic formation regardless of their faith background or beliefs;

All of these components are reviewed and taken into account when accepting students at Loyola. All scoring, weighting, ranking etc. of these components are for Loyola's evaluation purposes only and are not given out to applicants or their parents.


When and how will we be informed of the Admissions Committee’s decision?

All application decisions will be posted in the Admissions portal. Applicants are either accepted, not accepted or placed on a waiting list.

Check the Key Admissions Dates for all next step deadlines.

What is the English-language eligibility requirement?

Since 1977, in Quebec, all children, except those who meet specific criteria, must be educated in French until the end of their secondary studies, whether in a public school or in a subsidized private school. Loyola is a subsidized private English high school. Except for certain exceptions, students require a Certificate of Eligibility for English Language Education to attend Loyola. Click here to find out more about English eligibility.

What is the average class size at Loyola?

In Secondary 1, class sizes range from 25-28 students per class. Class sizes range from 23-29 in the older grades depending on streaming options chosen.

Is Loyola a co-educational school?

In 2023-24, Loyola High School accepted its first co-educational cohort in Secondary 1.

Does Loyola accept international students?

Loyola does not run an international program and caters to Québec residents with English-language eligibility. However, students coming to Quebec on a Study Visa or with parents on a Work Permit can be considered. Please contact the Admissions Office directly for further information.

What is the pedagogical program at Loyola?

Loyola follows the curriculum set by the Québec Ministry of Education, but supplements this curriculum based on the tenets of a Jesuit, Catholic formation.

Do I have to be Catholic to apply?

No. Our goal is to ensure our whole person formation is accessible to all regardless of gender, language, faith, or belief. Prospective students must be open to following a Jesuit, Catholic formation but do not have to identify as Catholic.

Does Loyola have a French section open to non-English eligible applicants?

Loyola High School currently has a permit to run an English-language school, which requires all applicants and students to have an English Eligibility Certificate to attend.

Loyola has applied for a permit to open a French-language school. More information about Loyola’s future plans can be found here.