Our leaders and students are spiritual people, engaged in understanding the deeper meaning of life, through retreats and spiritual moments to reflect and examine themselves and their relationships with the people around them. This reflective time nurtures people of compassion who are committed to social justice, who are ecologically engaged, and who are ready to walk the path of truth and reconciliation.

Our program leads students to a meaningful life of leadership and service rooted in intellectual competence, compassion for oneself and others, actions guided by conscience, and a commitment to a just global society.

Fr. Leonard Altilia, SJ


The school chaplain is available to all members of the Loyola High School community: students, staff, faculty, parents and alumni. Apart from providing individual counseling when requested, the Chaplain coordinates morning Mass and works in conjunction with the liturgy coordinator on all school Masses and liturgies.

From the Chaplain, Fr. Leonard Altilia, SJ

“Inside every one of our students is a spark of the divine which we must fan into flame so that they may set the world on fire with their love and their joy.” - Fr. Altilia, SJ


Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry team coordinates the religious and liturgical life of the school. They work with the Campus Minister to broaden the scope and level of student participation in faith formation at Loyola.

Campus Ministry strives to be a student-led community that offers a home for all where faith exploration is fostered and encouraged in order to permeate all aspects of a student's life, grounded in Ignatian spirituality.

Campus Ministry invites students to respectfully engage in open discussions, shared prayer, and individual reflection in a trusting and welcoming space by providing experiences where Christ's service and care for others are modeled.

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

As a Jesuit, Catholic school, Loyola strongly emphasizes the spiritual life of its members. The religious and pastoral programs are intended to complement and support the Catholic upbringing that students receive in their homes and parishes. Loyola provides several resources and programs to support the student in their religious and spiritual growth. They are intended to provide a consistent spiritual foundation for the students so that, by the time they graduate, they are in touch with their relationship with God and who they are as men and women for others.

Youth Ministry


Small groups are a significant part of the spiritual development of the Loyola student, especially through the work done by the Youth Ministry team. These student-leaders have received training through a variety of programs and volunteer to assist the faculty and staff in helping the student body to grow in its faith.

Class Retreats


One of the main resources invested in the development of the spiritual life of the students and faculty is the retreat program. Students at all levels participate in a retreat each year. These retreats are designed to meet the needs of maturing adolescents and provide them with an opportunity to experience more deeply their relationship with God, self, others and the world around them. Through prayer, group activities and discussions and the celebration of the Eucharist, the students are able to reflect on the meaning and significance of these relationships.

Kairos Retreat


Kairos – a Greek word meaning Christ’s time – is an optional retreat available to students in Secondary Five. This three-day retreat is the culmination of the retreat program at Loyola and provides an opportunity for a more in-depth retreat experience.

Mass and Sacraments


Mass is celebrated in the school chapel each morning before classes begin. All students, faculty and staff and parents are welcome and encouraged to take part in this time of prayer and reflection. Periodic masses and liturgies are celebrated with the whole school community to mark the religious significance of events in the calendar. Other impromptu masses are also celebrated for clubs and sports teams upon request. A general invitation is extended to all members of the Loyola family to request prayers and masses for special intentions. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to the entire school community during both Advent and Lent.

Experience Week


Annually, Secondary Four students at Loyola participate in immersion activities in line with the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus: showing the way to God, walking with the excluded, journeying with youth and caring for our common home.

These experiences take part both locally and internationally.

Included as an option is the Montreal Experience. The goal is to create awareness of those with whom we do not often get the chance to spend time, but with whom we share this city. By helping out where needed and most importantly interacting with the elderly, the physically or intellectually challenged, and the less fortunate around the city, the hope is that students gain an appreciation of who they are, and what they face each day.

Christian Service Program


A distinguishing characteristic of Jesuit education is to help students realize that individual talents are to be developed for the good of the whole community. Students are encouraged to use their gifts in the service of others out of love for God.

In order to promote an awareness of "service to others", all students complete a "service" course as part of their studies. This course includes the service itself, as well as, a reflection paper on the students' experiences.

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